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The Future of PC gaming

Over the last year or so the amount of PC titles being released have slowly dwindled due to the success of consoles and the amount of piracy currently in the PC market. The PC market suffers badly from piracy with it commonly noted that most games are available to download on or a few days […]

What infuriates me in online gaming.

Having been an avid PC gamer and to a lesser extent console gaming there are a few things that really annoy me when playing against other people. In all games you will come across the cheats, people who use exploits in games, or install game hacks. This to me is just now more of an […]

Kinect on the PS3?

Browsing the internet I came across this intriguing article about how someone has developed a workaround (Hack) to use Microsofts Kinect product on the PS3. Whilst the developer says its in early stages I wonder how Microsoft will react? Article and video here

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