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Useful WordPress Plugins Part 1

I have been asked many times what plugins I use on Best Bits and Bobs and really I don’t use a huge amount but I am always looking to improve the blog and make it more appealing with new features. I decided to outline in a number of posts over the next few weeks plugins […]

The benefits and pitfalls of self hosting WordPress

As I host my own blog and for a few other people I thought I would write a small article on the benefits of hosting your own WordPress blog. Whilst and Blogger are great places to start for all new bloggers they are a bit limiting in what you can do. Although on the other […]

Favourite Game of all time (Part2)

Following on from yesterdays blog post here is part two of my favourite games of all time. If you read yesterdays post you will have noted that I couldn’t say one game was my ultimate favourite and broke it down into four categories. So onto the FPS genre. Many games could fall into this category for […]

Favourite Game of all time (Part 1)

I got asked yesterday what my favourite game of all time was, and it made me think long and hard before replying. There was times when I played certain games for a period of time then changed but very few have made me go back. I have completed many games over time but decided I couldn’t […]

PSN Network – And the court proceedings begin

AS we are all aware Sony’s PlayStation Network was ‘hacked’ into and forced the company to close the online platform down until it was sure that the product was secure. The hack has obviously quite a serious impact on the million of gamers who use the network in the way that their details and possibly […]

Should ISPs adjust their usage policies?

I recently bought a couple of download games over Steam and it made me think about ISP download limits. With many things now becoming available on the Internet like TV repeats / catch-ups and game download services like Steam isn’t it about time that major ISPs changed their policies on the allowances given? We all […]

What would you miss?

I got asked which gadget /service I would you miss most if I lost it or the item broke and it made me think quite hard about it, would it be the Internet, my mobile, sky TV or something else. Over the years we come to rely on certain products and all have there uses but the […]

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