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Essential WordPress Maintenance Tips

With all things there are some essential things you should do with websites in case of the dreaded hosting crash, loss of data or corruption. These mainly apply to self-hosting setups but its a good practice to get into. Database Backup. This is the most essential thing you should get into the habit of doing […]

Useful Windows Shortcuts

In a previous post, located here I outlined some of the most useful shortcut keys for Intemet Explorer 9. I thought it would be good to replicate this type of post and outline some of the most widely used shortcuts for Windows. There are a great number of shortcuts other than the ones that I have […]

Useful Windows Hints and Tips – Part 1

In today’s world we are all looking to do things quicker and get frustrated when items take an eternity to do certain tasks. I have decided to write a couple of hints and tips that could speed up the use of your PC. Firstly for all those of you who have dual or quad core […]

GSPOT – Handy utility for finding video or audio codecs.

Have you ever tried to play a video or audio file and you don’t seem to get any output. Well 95% of the time this is due to not running the correct codec to play these streams correctly. There are a few handy programs that you can check which codecs you need to download to […]

Weird Game title releases

In a previous post I noted that I thought that game developers where struggling for new ideas and content. Well over the last few days I have been looking at what games have been released and whilst there have been some great titles over the last few months including Shogun Total War 2, Call of Duty Black […]

Best way to update drivers?

To keep your PC running smoothly it is sometimes best to update the drivers for the major components of your system. Updating drivers for components, like your graphics card, sound card and drivers most users don’t think of the system board drivers, most new releases give an improved performance to you machine Firstly I would download the new driver to […]

Internet Explorer 9 Short Cut Keys

As we all lead busy lives nowadays there seems to be ways and means of speeding up the way we achieve things. The same goes for using shortcuts in programs some of the obvious ones are CTRL+C for copy and CTRL+V for paste. Internet Explorer 9 has its own set of useful shortcuts which many […]

Free WinX DVD Copy Pro (for 2 Days)

We have all used a few DVD burning programs of various sorts ranging from free packages to mainstream releases but giveaway of the day are offering a free version of WinX DVD Copy Pro over the next 2 days. Once you have downloaded the program you need to install and activate this product with the time period […]

Microsoft XP – EOS Date

Microsoft has released a handy gadget allowing users to countdown the date that it officially stops supporting Windows XP. Available for Windows 7 and Vista the gadget will countdown the days until its EOS (End of Support) date in 2014. What surprises me is that they are releasing an XP product expiry program but you […]

All in one install of free Programs

After reading a recent publication I came across an article for the following program which allows you to select a vast array of open source or free programs and install them in a few clicks rather than having to search for them all. Called Ninite the program allows you to install items like Spotify, Google […]

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