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MS Removal Tool (Malware) – Registry removal method.

A number of weeks ago I created an article of how to remove the MS Removal Tool using a combination of safe mode and MalwareBytes anti malware program. Since then I have had a couple of requests asking for the registry entry removal method. Firstly a word of warning, editing the registry of your computer […]

PSN Welcome Back Programme

As you are all aware and from my previous posts the PlayStation Network is slowly coming back online with Sony looking to have everything back up and running by the 31st May. As a welcome back and a bit of recompense Sony are offering PlayStation Network Members who had an account before the ‘hack’ the […]

A worrying statistic of Malware infections

A rather worrying statistic has been documented on the website Computer World  that shows Windows 7 Malware attacks had risen by over 30% in the second half of 2010 whilst Windows XP cases had dropped by 20%. Whether the drop was down to less users of Windows XP wasn’t noted though. These figures show just how vulnerable PCs and laptops can be and […]

Microsoft Office Users and Adobe Flash Bug

Due to the Adobe Flash player bug Mircosoft is urging pre Office 2010 users to protect themselves by installing a piece of software. EMET 2.0 will aid in the defense of possible attacks until this bug is fixed. For full information how to run and use this program view the following page

Are your programs out of date or insecure?

I was browsing an article today about users of a particular webpage which where using an out of date an insecure version of flash player and in the article it reminded me of a program I used to use and recommend highly. Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) scans your machine and various plugins and updates […]

HTTPS available on Twitter

Twitter creators have now enabled the encryption setting for you to be able to select on your twitter accounts which increases security when sending details on your account. To enable this option log into your Twitter account and goto settings (in the pull down menu under your account name) and select HTTPS only (always use […]

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