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The Future of PC gaming

Over the last year or so the amount of PC titles being released have slowly dwindled due to the success of consoles and the amount of piracy currently in the PC market. The PC market suffers badly from piracy with it commonly noted that most games are available to download on or a few days […]

Hotmails new features

According to the website The Register Microsoft are adding a few new features to their Hotmail systems. The first is an early warning system for users to report suspicions that a colleagues, friends or families account has been ‘hacked’. Hotmails systems then check the account using a ‘compromise detection engine’ which will determine if the account […]

How to restore your Outlook Back up

The last post was related to how to back up your Outlook contacts and emails. This is a great simple thing I would recommend to do on a weekly basis as you never know when disaster may strike. This post is aimed at restoring that back up in case you buying a new computer or […]

Backing up your mail and contacts in Outlook

Doing regular backups on your PC is an important way of keeping your data in case of that unfortunate event when either your PC fails or windows decides not to load. Thankfully alot of programs include back up routines in the software and Microsoft Outlook is one of them. The backup tool will back up […]

Improve the Speed of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest variant of MicrosoftsOperating System but it does have its downsides. One of them is some users may find that it is very slow once installed. One of the reasons for this could be that as the visual effects puts a large strain on your system resources i.e Graphics card and system memory […]

A worrying statistic of Malware infections

A rather worrying statistic has been documented on the website Computer World  that shows Windows 7 Malware attacks had risen by over 30% in the second half of 2010 whilst Windows XP cases had dropped by 20%. Whether the drop was down to less users of Windows XP wasn’t noted though. These figures show just how vulnerable PCs and laptops can be and […]

iPhone Tracking to be fixed

According to the website, Apple will soon be releasing an update to the iOS which will include a fix to the location tracking bug. Whilst Apple say that they actually dont track your locations but are collecting a database of WiFi hotspots they have started a fix to cure the problem which alledgely will […]

A little known troubleshooter within Windows 7

Many users of the different variations of Windows don’t know all the features that are incorporated into the Operating System, but there are some really useful parts that users should know about. For Instance when you use windows updater you may have an issue when downloading or installing a critical process that may fail or […]

How to turn UAC controls off in Windows 7

One of the most annoying things for competent users of Windows 7 and Vista was Microsoft’s inclusion of User Account Control (UAC) settings which pop up after when you try to run any program that runs a system process of requires Windows access. The following image shows the average pop up box that must be […]

Microsoft XP – EOS Date

Microsoft has released a handy gadget allowing users to countdown the date that it officially stops supporting Windows XP. Available for Windows 7 and Vista the gadget will countdown the days until its EOS (End of Support) date in 2014. What surprises me is that they are releasing an XP product expiry program but you […]

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