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Is it time to go back to the High Street?

With all the recent security breaches on major websites and systems like, PlayStation Network, Trip Advisor and Marks and Spencers is it time we went back to the high street? Apart from groceries shopping I do most of my shopping online now for the reason you sometimes get better deals and you know roughly […]

MS Removal Tool (Malware)

Over the past few weeks I have had to help six  people with removing the MS removal tool program which restricts computers quite excessively, so I thought I would write up a quick guide on how to remove it from your PC. There are two ways to do this depending on how much you wish to […]

What would you miss?

I got asked which gadget /service I would you miss most if I lost it or the item broke and it made me think quite hard about it, would it be the Internet, my mobile, sky TV or something else. Over the years we come to rely on certain products and all have there uses but the […]

Physical Media or Download

Over the last few years in PC gaming you have had a choice between purchasing a game or piece of software through retailers and physically receiving the item for you to install. But nowadays alot of retailers are going for the download options which does have its advantages. However one of the largest game portals is […]

Internet Explorer 9

Having used IE series of browsers for the majority of my internet life I was rather scepticle about the claims that IE9 was a vast improvement. Having used early versions of IE in windows 95 upto version 8 in Windows 7  the progression has been immense and I wasn’t looking for a huge performance boost […]

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