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Internet Explorer 9 Short Cut Keys

As we all lead busy lives nowadays there seems to be ways and means of speeding up the way we achieve things. The same goes for using shortcuts in programs some of the obvious ones are CTRL+C for copy and CTRL+V for paste. Internet Explorer 9 has its own set of useful shortcuts which many […]

How to remove IE9

As IE9 has been out for a little while now some people I have spoken to wish they hadnt upgraded and wish to have IE8 back. Personally I am happy with IE9 and now used to the changes, but for those wishing to revert here is a simple guide. Firstly goto your Control Panel and […]

Internet Explorer 9

Having used IE series of browsers for the majority of my internet life I was rather scepticle about the claims that IE9 was a vast improvement. Having used early versions of IE in windows 95 upto version 8 in Windows 7 ┬áthe progression has been immense and I wasn’t looking for a huge performance boost […]

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