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Useful WordPress Plugins Part 2

A few weeks ago I created a post (link here) that introduced some useful WordPress plug-ins to include on your self hosted blog. This is the second part of the post highlighting a few more plug-ins that people should integrate if possible. WP-Youtube Lyte. If you are looking to include YouTube videos in your blog posts then […]

Useful Windows Shortcuts

In a previous post, located here I outlined some of the most useful shortcut keys for Intemet Explorer 9. I thought it would be good to replicate this type of post and outline some of the most widely used shortcuts for Windows. There are a great number of shortcuts other than the ones that I have […]

How to restore your Outlook Back up

The last post was related to how to back up your Outlook contacts and emails. This is a great simple thing I would recommend to do on a weekly basis as you never know when disaster may strike. This post is aimed at restoring that back up in case you buying a new computer or […]

Backing up your mail and contacts in Outlook

Doing regular backups on your PC is an important way of keeping your data in case of that unfortunate event when either your PC fails or windows decides not to load. Thankfully alot of programs include back up routines in the software and Microsoft Outlook is one of them. The backup tool will back up […]

How to add space around images in WordPress

I dont claim to be a guru at technology related items, but do have a reasonable amount of knowledge on certain aspects. Over the last few weeks I have had 4 or 5 emails from visitors to asking how I create space around images when they are surrounded by text. There are two ways […]

MS Removal Tool (Malware) – Registry removal method.

A number of weeks ago I created an article of how to remove the MS Removal Tool using a combination of safe mode and MalwareBytes anti malware program. Since then I have had a couple of requests asking for the registry entry removal method. Firstly a word of warning, editing the registry of your computer […]

Improve the Speed of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest variant of MicrosoftsOperating System but it does have its downsides. One of them is some users may find that it is very slow once installed. One of the reasons for this could be that as the visual effects puts a large strain on your system resources i.e Graphics card and system memory […]

Installing new Fonts in Windows.

Web designers , artists and graphic designers like to have new stylish fonts to set their work apart from the norm so I thought I would show you a quick way to install a new font. There are plenty of websites on the Internet offering free downloads for 1000’s of new fonts styles. One such […]

Best way to update drivers?

To keep your PC running smoothly it is sometimes best to update the drivers for the major components of your system. Updating drivers for components, like your graphics card, sound card and drivers most users don’t think of the system board drivers, most new releases give an improved performance to you machine Firstly I would download the new driver to […]

Why create Best Bits and Bobs

Over the years I have created websites for people, updated their CMS packages, undertaken PC repairs and fixed bugs and malware attacks on numerous PCs. Alot of these have been done for free as I have an interest in the IT world and really don’t feel its right to charge for what in some cases […]

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