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Essential WordPress Maintenance Tips

With all things there are some essential things you should do with websites in case of the dreaded hosting crash, loss of data or corruption. These mainly apply to self-hosting setups but its a good practice to get into. Database Backup. This is the most essential thing you should get into the habit of doing […]

All in one install of free Programs

After reading a recent publication I came across an article for the following program which allows you to select a vast array of open source or free programs and install them in a few clicks rather than having to search for them all. Called Ninite the program allows you to install items like Spotify, Google […]

Most useful ‘Free’ software

Whilst there are times I have to purchase programs to do various tasks I try to use open source products as much as possible and support the developers if I think they are worthwhile. So this post is about 3 programs I couldn’t do without but are free. There are probably better alternatives out there […]

Filezilla 3.4

The free open source FTP (File transfer Protocol) program Filezilla has been updated to version 3.4. In the latest edition there are only a few minor changes but this is still in my opinion the best free program available. For downloads and update details visit their webpage here

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