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A few free games worth trying

As an avid gamer in my spare time, although lately I don’t seem to have that much of it, I came across a few free games worth trying. The first is a game I came across on Steam called War Inc. War Inc is an online shooter game in the genre similar to classics like […]

Free Video Capture program – Bandicam

Giveaway of the day are offering Bandicam as their free release of the day. Bandicam allows you to screen and video capture whats happening on your PC, whether it be for the use of a video tutorial or making an impressive Game-play movie. Similar to FRAPS in many ways Bandicam allows you to monitor your […]

Free WinX DVD Copy Pro (for 2 Days)

We have all used a few DVD burning programs of various sorts ranging fromĀ free packages to mainstream releasesĀ but giveaway of the day are offering a free version of WinX DVD Copy Pro over the next 2 days. Once you have downloaded the program you need to install and activate this product with the time period […]

Most useful ‘Free’ software

Whilst there are times I have to purchase programs to do various tasks I try to use open source products as much as possible and support the developers if I think they are worthwhile. So this post is about 3 programs I couldn’t do without but are free. There are probably better alternatives out there […]

Are your programs out of date or insecure?

I was browsing an article today about users of a particular webpage which where using an out of date an insecure version of flash player and in the article it reminded me of a program I used to use and recommend highly. Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) scans your machine and various plugins and updates […]

System Information Viewer 4.17

Having used this program for a number of years the latest release looks to take the program one step further. System information viewer is a utility for finding all sorts of information about your computer from CPU usage to the current bios version installed on the machine. SIV can be run in 32 or 64 […]

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