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The Future of PC gaming

Over the last year or so the amount of PC titles being released have slowly dwindled due to the success of consoles and the amount of piracy currently in the PC market. The PC market suffers badly from piracy with it commonly noted that most games are available to download on or a few days […]

Useful Windows Hints and Tips – Part 1

In today’s world we are all looking to do things quicker and get frustrated when items take an eternity to do certain tasks. I have decided to write a couple of hints and tips that could speed up the use of your PC. Firstly for all those of you who have dual or quad core […]

Physical Media or Download

Over the last few years in PC gaming you have had a choice between purchasing a game or piece of software through retailers and physically receiving the item for you to install. But nowadays alot of retailers are going for the download options which does have its advantages. However one of the largest game portals is […]

Are your programs out of date or insecure?

I was browsing an article today about users of a particular webpage which where using an out of date an insecure version of flash player and in the article it reminded me of a program I used to use and recommend highly. Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) scans your machine and various plugins and updates […]

HTTPS available on Twitter

Twitter creators have now enabled the encryption setting for you to be able to select on your twitter accounts which increases security when sending details on your account. To enable this option log into your Twitter account and goto settings (in the pull down menu under your account name) and select HTTPS only (always use […]

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