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Useful WordPress Plugins Part 2

A few weeks ago I created a post (link here) that introduced some useful WordPress plug-ins to include on your self hosted blog. This is the second part of the post highlighting a few more plug-ins that people should integrate if possible. WP-Youtube Lyte. If you are looking to include YouTube videos in your blog posts then […]

Free hosting competition for one year

If you didnt spot the competition in my previous post (it was hidden at the bottom lol), then this is your opportunity to learn about winning a free hosting package for a year. I am currently in the midst of setting up new hosting packages and one of them is aimed towards bloggers. Although I’m new […]

Useful WordPress Plugins Part 1

I have been asked many times what plugins I use on Best Bits and Bobs and really I don’t use a huge amount but I am always looking to improve the blog and make it more appealing with new features. I decided to outline in a number of posts over the next few weeks plugins […]

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