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Review : ICY BOX Sata 2.5 / 3.5 Hard Disk Docking Station.

With being a bit of a tech person one of the main repairs that people ask is before they have Windows reinstalled can you retrieve the data from the drive before Windows is reinstalled. Well the easy way is to plug the drive into a caddy or a Docking station and as my old SATA one […]

Logitech G510 | Review

I have been using for the past number of years a Logitech Revision 1 G15 keyboard and found it to be a great buy at the time but sadly due to its constant use its be condemned to the Keyboard grave yard. I have been searching for an alternative for a few weeks and finally […]

Are your programs out of date or insecure?

I was browsing an article today about users of a particular webpage which where using an out of date an insecure version of flash player and in the article it reminded me of a program I used to use and recommend highly. Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) scans your machine and various plugins and updates […]

Internet Explorer 9

Having used IE series of browsers for the majority of my internet life I was rather scepticle about the claims that IE9 was a vast improvement. Having used early versions of IE in windows 95 upto version 8 in Windows 7  the progression has been immense and I wasn’t looking for a huge performance boost […]

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