Essential WordPress Maintenance Tips

With all things there are some essential things you should do with websites in case of the dreaded hosting crash, loss of data or corruption. These mainly apply to self-hosting setups but its a good practice to get into.

Database Backup.

This is the most essential thing you should get into the habit of doing at least once a week, especially if you post regularly on your blog. The database is where all the settings details and post contents are stored so if this becomes corrupter or damaged you may loose a lot of your posts. If you self host you this is something that can be achieved through your web hosting control panel normally.

Alternatively you you can install a plugin that allows you to download the database directly – the one I have used is located here.

File Backup.

This whilst not as important as the database backup is still something I would recommend doing at least once a month if feasible. You will have spent some time collecting photos and images and resizing them as well as all the plugins and widgets and to lose them could mean a lot of hard work to get your blog back to its current state. The only way you can really do this properly is by accessing the site via the control panel and using the options there or the quicker method if you are a little bit ‘techie’ is to use an FTP program and download all the files from the server.

Depending on the size of the blog / site it may take a few minutes to do. Just remember when you do this you are also downloading all the WordPress platform files as well.

On free versions of popular blogs the host tends to make numerous backups of the database and content of each site so having to do this isn’t necessary.

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