Useful WordPress Plugins Part 2

Wordpress LogoA few weeks ago I created a post (link here) that introduced some useful WordPress plug-ins to include on your self hosted blog. This is the second part of the post highlighting a few more plug-ins that people should integrate if possible.

WP-Youtube Lyte. If you are looking to include YouTube videos in your blog posts then this plug-in is simple and easy to use. There are a few basic settings to change that include video size and functions but makes playability and embedding of videos simple and straightforward. link here.

NextGen Gallery. Do you need to include a stylish looking gallery on your blog, then NextGen gallery is a must. Full of features to allow you to style your pictures in various formats and layouts makes this a certain winner in the field. I have this gallery installed on Best Bits and Bobs but have yet to have the need to use it to its full potential. Once installed its fairly simple to use in uploading pictures , creating galleries and albums.

For full details and all the listed features are available here.

Google XML Sitemap. This plug-in is useful for generating a site-map XML file that will help search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc index your blog. With a site-map it is easier for the search engine bot (crawlers) to see the complete layout and content of your site and include them in their search results and helps retrieve the pages easier. This plug-in also informs the search engines when new content or additions have been entered on your site making them keep up to date with your content.

For full details see the authors page link here.

The plug-ins I have included here may not suit everyone’s requirements but are ones I have used and find simple and easy to install and have achieved the results I was looking for, there may be better alternatives that suit others and if so please get in touch and I will include them in later revisions of these posts.




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