Google to stop supporting older Internet Browsers

Google LogoIn August anyone using old Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 or Safari version 3 will not be able to fully utilise services from Google such as GMAIL and Google Docs. Google has taken the decision to remove support for these as the company wants to utilise new technologies incorporated in HTML 5. HTML5 is only supported in recent browser releases like IE9 and Firefox’s latest release.

Obviously people using Google Chrome wont be affected in any way as this browser automatically updates itself when a new release is available every time the browser is initialised.

Download Links for Latest Browsers :

Mozilla Firefox :

Internet Explorer 8  :

Internet Explorer 9 (Not available for Windows XP users) :

Safari 5.1 :

Google Chrome :

Whilst Opera is a major browser still in use by many users over the Internet Google has not included it in the list of supported software.

HTML 5 has a number of changes which include code changes and syntax which will make it easier for web designers over a period of time. To see the full changelog of HTML 5 visit the W3 Working Draft website here

Source : Google Answers

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