Useful Windows Shortcuts

In a previous post, located here I outlined some of the most useful shortcut keys for Intemet Explorer 9. I thought it would be good to replicate this type of post and outline some of the most widely used shortcuts for Windows.

There are a great number of shortcuts other than the ones that I have listed but these are ones I feel may be used by the majority of people.

  • CTRL and A – Selects all items from the current active window.
  • CTRL and C – Copies the selected item to the Clipboard
  • CTRL and N – Opens and displays the New Dialog box
  • CTRL and P – Opens the Printer options box
  • CTRL and S – Opens the Save options menu
  • CTRL and V – Pastes the items from the Clipboard
  • CTRL and X – Cuts the current selection or items from the Clipboard
  • CTRL and Z – Undoes the most recent action
  • CTRL and F4 – Closes the current active window / document
  • ALT and F4 – Closes the current active item or program
  • ALT and TAB – Cycles through the open programs running on your PC
  • F1 – This opens the Help window for the current active item
  • F3 – Open the search dialog bar to find files or folders
  • F5 – Update / Refresh the current window
  • WINDOWS KEY and BREAK KEY – Displays the System Properties box
  • WINDOWS KEY and M – This will minimize all open windows
  • WINDOWS KEY and E – This will open the My Computer dialog box
  • WINDOWS KEY and F – Search for a file or folder.
  • WINDOWS KEY and F1 – Opens the Windows Help Utility
  • WINDOWS KEY and R – Opens the Run Command dialog box

Hopefully at least a few of these will be helpful to a few people and speed up the use of Windows for some tasks.


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