A few free games worth trying

As an avid gamer in my spare time, although lately I don’t seem to have that much of it, I came across a few free games worth trying. The first is a game I came across on Steam called War Inc.

War Inc is an online shooter game in the genre similar to classics like Counter Strike and BF2BC but obviously not as polished and complete as these. But don’t let this distract you, the game is set up in Conquest or Deathmatch modes and as you fight your way through the levels you gain experience points which as you progress they unlock new weapons, addons and clothing etc. The game plays reasonably well and I have only seen a small bug when trying to alter the graphics settings. I played it for the first time last night with a few people I know and thought it wasn’t bad at its current state. The developers are continually improving the game with new maps, code tweaks and looking into a community aspect which I presume will be along the lines of a friends addition where it will make it easier to join in the same games alot easier than what it is.

If you want to jump ahead you can use micro transactions to purchase kit from the store, but that is down to personal preference. Overall the game with a few friends is enjoyable and can only improve over time but in my opinion well worth a go for someone who like this genre of game.

Website : War Inc

The second game which has been out a bit longer and which also is of the shooter genre is Alien Swarm. Alien Swarm is a game set in a top down type perspective and uses mouse to fire and aim with the keyboard used for the player movement. The idea is to work through the levels completing the objectives as you go. This is a simple game that can be played in single player or better in Co-op or multiplayer.

As with War Inc as you progress higher up the level you also unlock new weapons and with steam achievements.

Whilst these games are nothing near the major releases we see on the High Street they are definitely worth a go. As they are free what have you to lose.

Website : Alien Swarm

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