Hotmails new features

According to the website The Register¬†Microsoft are adding a few new features to their Hotmail systems. The first is an early warning system for users to report suspicions that a colleagues, friends or families account has been ‘hacked’.

Hotmails systems then check the account using a ‘compromise detection engine’ which will determine if the account has indeed been hijacked. If this is found to be true Hotmail will suspend the account making it useless for the ‘hacker / spammer’. The original user is then asked to retrieve their account through an account retrieval process.

According to the site Microsoft has been testing this feature for a few weeks and has highlighted a vast number of accounts that have been hijacked.

This feature by Microsoft is an absolute must as the amount of accounts I have seen used for ‘spamming’ is alarming, thumbs up to Microsoft and Hotmail for this one.


Hotmail is also now not allowing the use of weak passwords when signing up for a new account. These are things like 123456, abcdef or¬†‘password’. This will will only be applied to new accounts for the beginning but should prevent a huge amount of accounts being hijacked.

In my opinion both these new features are a great step in the right direction in cutting down the amount of spam and hijacked accounts that are occurring over the Internet at the present time. Microsoft also note that they will inform other web-mail providers of any accounts it finds are problematic and not under their remit.

Sources : The Register , Microsoft Blog


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