Buying a cheaper alternative? Does it work?

Over the years I have always thought you pay for what you get, whether it be the added extras for your car or simple things like a branded model of a gadget. However just lately I have started looking at the cheaper alternatives to items bought to see if they make such a huge difference.

One such item was a hands-free headset for the car, I have been helping a friend out with driving cars and vans for him and needed a new headset to be on the safe side. A number of years ago I bought a JABRA headset which although worked really well was quite expensive (in the region of £50) but as it was old and hadn’t been used for some time the battery had lost the ability to charge. I looked on the Internet and managed to find a Bluetooth Headset which worked with my iPhone for  less than £20. I was a bit wary of purchasing it as it was so cheap but glad I did, it wasn’t a branded make but when connected to my phone the sound and voice was clear and pin-sharp which was way above my expectations.

So does buying the cheaper alternative work, in this case I would say yes and has definitely changed my outlook on always buying branded products. Some of the products available on the market are just as good as far more expensive products. The one thing I would suggest when comparing though is definitely read reviews from websites and customers about the product you are looking to buy.

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