GSPOT – Handy utility for finding video or audio codecs.

Have you ever tried to play a video or audio file and you don’t seem to get any output. Well 95% of the time this is due to not running the correct codec to play these streams correctly. There are a few handy programs that you can check which codecs you need to download to view or hear the file. I had this today at a company that uses CCTV and couldn’t play a recorded camera stream on a different PC, but once I had found the correct codec all was solved.

Firstly let me explain what a codec is.

Description is taken from Wikipedia : A codec is a piece of software that can encode or decode a digital stream of data or signal. The full description is located at their website here.

One program that I use simply because of the simplicity of the program is GSPOT. Funny name for a program I know but it does do the job. Once you have run the utility you will encounter a screen similar to the one on the left. To locate the file you wish to find the codec for simply select the browse button at the end of the PATH line ( shown as 2 dots ). This will bring up the usual windows box for which you search for files, locate the file and select OK.

The utility will then scan the audio / video file and list the codec required on the right hand side, its then a matter of downloading and installing the codec to view / hear the file.


More details on GSPOT can be found here with further documentation

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2 Responses to “GSPOT – Handy utility for finding video or audio codecs.”

  1. James says:

    With all the brains on the Internet you’d think we’d have a better way of handling media playback by now.

    It’s doubly difficult when you’re working on machines and a network that have strong restrictions on what you’re allowed to download and install.

  2. BBandB says:

    Very true James – I understand the restrictions due to the amount of malware and viruses about but it does make it hard at times to do the simplest of things.

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