How to restore your Outlook Back up

The last post was related to how to back up your Outlook contacts and emails. This is a great simple thing I would recommend to do on a weekly basis as you never know when disaster may strike. This post is aimed at restoring that back up in case you buying a new computer or the dreaded reinstall of windows.

Primarily it follows some of the same lines as the back up just with a few exceptions.

Outlook File MenuOutlook Import Export menu


Open Outlook and navigate to the File menu and locate the Import and Export menu selection as shown in the images. Instead of exporting this time we need to import and if you have followed the previous guide ( Link here ) then you will have saved your backup as a .pst file. From the selection box locate the item that says Import from another program or file. From the subsequent menu you will need to scroll down and find the selection that says Personal Folder File .pst (shown in images below).


Personal File Folder selectionImport selection menu


Once this has been done the next menu you will be shown is similar again to the exporting procedure. Locate the file you saved in your backup and make sure that the option Replace items with those imported is selected, then click the ‘next’ button. You will then be shown the box so select Finish and this will begin the import function.

As stated before you will need to enter your mail account details again as the export and import process doesn’t back these up in this way. This process can also be used if the stored .pst file that windows uses in day to day running becomes corrupt hence why recommending backing up weekly.

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