The benefits and pitfalls of self hosting WordPress

As I host my own blog and for a few other people I thought I would write a small article on the benefits of hosting your own WordPress blog. Whilst and Blogger are great places to start for all new bloggers they are a bit limiting in what you can do. Although on the other hand Self hosting does have its pitfalls.

I will split this article into the pros and cons of self hosting and give you a little insight into why I think you need to self host.

The pluses of Self-hosting.

If you are using either of the two setups of blogs you will find you are very limited in what you can do as you are using a free setup of the blog software, it limits the themes you can use and also what extras (plugins) you are allowed to install. Self hosting gets rid of these limitations, it allows you to install any plugin you want and modify them to your style. For instance on I use a number of plugins that cant be installed on which I think are invaluable for me. For information one reason why you are limited is for security aspects on the system. Just about anyone can create a plugin but its knowing whether its 100% secure is why they limit the use and the server load of all these plugins would put huge strain on their systems . There are thousands of plugins available so testing them all would be a nightmare.

Having your own domain is definitely another plus side, it allow you to be in complete control of what you own, make regular backups of your database and content and having the ability to use in built mail servers most blog hosting packages contain. Installing WordPress may seem a hard task but to be honest most decent web hosting packages have an in built script that you can install it from at the touch of a few buttons. Blog hosting varies in price all over the internet but I would say that you shouldn’t be paying more than £20.00 per year plus the cost of a domain name. Anything more for the average blog isn’t necessary.

Another advantage of self hosting is the design aspect, you have alot more freedom in the choice of themes you can use, you can edit new ones, create your own and install and uninstall as many as you want. The only limitation to what you install really is the hosting package you are on.

Now the drawbacks.

There really are only a few drawbacks to self hosting but you should be aware of them, the advantages far out way the negatives. One negative is you are responsible for backing up and updating your own site, but getting into a routine of doing it is the best way. I currently back up my blog database twice a week just in the odd case the web server decided to have a fit which is very rare but as you know with computers does happen from time to time. Updating is easy and is done from the dashboard and normally only takes a few clicks to do it, and the same with plugin updates. You are also responsible for the spam aspect of blogging and controlling it but there are some great  plugins about to help the one I and many others use is Akismet.

The next drawback is the cost, but what you pay shouldn’t be extreme if you look for the right host.

You do need to be a little technically minded to self host or have a host who can help if required but overall the freedom you get is definitely worth the cost.

Sponsored hosting.

As an extra to this post I am looking to sponsor the hosting for one year someone who wishes to start a new self hosted blog or transfer to self hosting. You will be responsible for providing the domain name or it can be obtained at cost. To obtain this all you have to do is contact me here and explain why you want to self host – simple as that.


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