Favourite Game of all time (Part2)

Following on from yesterdays blog post here is part two of my favourite games of all time. If you read yesterdays post you will have noted that I couldn’t say one game was my ultimate favourite and broke it down into four categories.

So onto the FPS genre.

Many games could fall into this category for me including Counter-Strike, Half Life 1 and 2,Operation Flashpoint, Arma 2,  Call of Duty 4, Medal of Honor but really there is only one game that I played and enjoyed thoroughly in this field. The game to me is still the best multi-player FPS which promotes teamwork. This game is EA’s Battlefield 2. The game allows you to drive vehicles, fly aircraft, and be a foot soldier with different classes and rankings. When you get to a certain rank you can unlock new weapons. You also had a mammoth amount of achievements to gain with various medals being awarded. The maps where big enough and allowed various tactics to be undertaken so that you could try to outmanoeuvre your opponents.

The game is still played by many and I know from speaking to regular players they are looking forward to its next release Battlefield 3 later this year.

The final category – Strategy / Action.

I am a keen player of strategy games, mainly the  Total War, Age of Empires, Civilization series and  Anno 1404 but not many games have made me want to buy the next in the series like Settlers on the Amiga, I have played every version of the game including the latest release Settlers 7 (Paths to a Kingdom) and that is why it would  be classed as my favourite strategy / action game. Any game that makes you want to continue playing it and get the next release must be doing something right. Admittedly Settlers 3 was a poor update but the creators started to redeem themselves with the later releases. The aim of the game is to manage you town and build it up to large proportions while defending it from your enemies. Some games could take hours to complete but the game kept you hooked, and once you had completed one game it made you want to start another. Not many games have kept me enthralled like this series lately and I’m sure they will bring out another release at some point.

So there you have it some of my favourite games over the years, so what do you think of the selections ? Do you disagree or have better games? Let me know, it would be an interesting discussion.

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