Favourite Game of all time (Part 1)

I got asked yesterday what my favourite game of all time was, and it made me think long and hard before┬áreplying. There was times when I played certain games for a period of time then changed but very few have made me go back. I have completed many games over time but decided I couldn’t single out one game for my favourite so promptly set out by putting them into simple categories.

Many people have their favourites, an will probably think that my choices are strange compared to some of the recent releases but here goes. I put them into 4 categories, MMORPG (massively multiplayer online RPG), Sports, FPS and strategy/action)

Firstly MMO’s.

Star Wars GalaxiesTo many people there probable only entry into this field is World of Warcraft and whilst I did enjoy playing it I got bored after a certain level. I have friends who played this game over and over again and still do but not me. My favourite was the original Star Wars Galaxies. This game in its high point before they made mass changes was unlike any other MMO I have played, the freedom you had in game where you crafted from materials that one week to the next where different therefore changing the characteristics of items made and you physically had to plant mining rigs down to extract ore. The quest of having to achieve Jedi status was also something that you had to work to, unlike now where you can choose this as a class. When creating your own home it could be styled how you wished and two homes on the inside never where the same. The game just had a level of uniqueness that I have yet to come across in any MMO lately (and I have played a few including Warhammer, Lord of the Rings online, World of Warcraft, Runes of Magic and many more.) I just hope that the Star Wars – The Old Republic is as good as the original game when its released.

Sports Games.

Geoff Crammonds Grand PrixOver the years I have played just about any sport / driving game that has been released, but only a handful kept my interest level and made me┬ákeep going back. So to make a definite decision about what is the best is hard, I could say that FiFa football is but although the game is improved and I have played it continually through the years its not a massive favourite that sticks in the mind, its a game I enjoy but play in small doses. Motor-sports has a similar feel where the Colin McRae series of rallying games kept me hooked for hours but again not a selection of games that I could say yes that’s the best. So my two all time sports / motor-sports games come down to two titles that have appeared in a previous post. Sensible World of Soccer and Geoff Crammonds Gran Prix. I played both these games over a period of time endlessly (or should I say probably overplayed them) and still enjoy seeing them and having a quick go. So to pick the favourite out of the two was hard but it would have to bee Grand Prix. As a teenager I used to spend hours going round circuits trying to perfect driving the cars as at the time F1 was a major sport on TV. The ability to change things made the game more of a simulator at the time than an arcade game. F1 2010 released by Codemasters last year was a great game but has nowhere near kept me enthused as long as Grand Prix did.

For the other two sections I will post up these tommorrow – let me know if you have your favourites in these sections.


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