Review : ICY BOX Sata 2.5 / 3.5 Hard Disk Docking Station.

With being a bit of a tech person one of the main repairs that people ask is before they have Windows reinstalled can you retrieve the data from the drive before Windows is reinstalled. Well the easy way is to plug the drive into a caddy or a Docking station and as my old SATA one had given up the ghost I purchased the ICY BOX HDD Docking Station.

The box comprises of the unit it self, the power adapter, and a USB and eSATA cable for for data transfer. Now depending on what your PC candle handle will determine how you connect the unit to your PC. The quicker data transfer method is via eSATA but the majority of older PC setups won’t allow this connection method.

The unit is relatively small in design and doesn’t take up much space which if you had seen my  desk at the moment is a good thing.

ICY BOX HDD Docking StationICY BOX HDD Docking Station
On the front of the unit there are 2 areas which are illuminated in a blue color when functioning, one if the circular power light and underneath is the hard disk activity light.

On the rear there are four items, from top to bottom they are the eSATA connector, the USB port, Power on / off switch and finally there is the power adapter connector.

All are connected solidly so removing and plugging in don’t seem flimsy like on some other similar devices. the quality for the price is very good .

The ICY BOX allows you to slot in both 2.5″ (Normally laptop size drives) and 3.5″ (Desktop) SATA drives, and can be removed and added at any time with no need to reboot your PC every time you ‘Hot Swap’.

The device is simple to use in USB mode with drives being detected as soon as they are plugged in and switched on, the eSATA takes a little bit of work to get them to show up but nothing really difficult – its a matter of going to device manager and selecting the hard disks and scanning for new hardware, which Windows will then locate the drive.

Overall its a simple piece of kit, easy to use and great for people who like me repair PCs and need to get consumers information off the drive and with the option of being able to use both size hard drives its invaluable for laptop repair specialists to.

Would I recommend it to everyday people, yes as long as you are careful when switching the drives its a great piece of hardware and well worth the investment of around £20-£30.

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