Is it time to go back to the High Street?

With all the recent security breaches on major websites and systems like, PlayStation Network, Trip Advisor and Marks and Spencers is it time we went back to the high street?

Apart from groceries shopping I do most of my shopping online now for the reason you sometimes get better deals and you know roughly when they are going to be delivered, if they are in stock. But are these security risks making it more of an incentive to go back to the stores? I am beginning to wonder how hard these breachesĀ are affecting consumers piece of mind about using the Internet to purchase items. Its not that they don’t trust the stores themselves its not knowing if their details are safe and secure. I never save my card details on websites for future use simply because I don’t want them stored by a company who may or may not be attacked and have their customer base stolen.

Whilst I doubt these breaches will stop people from purchasing over the Internet, I wonder how many people would be having second thoughts? I know people who have said they will limit where they buy on the Internet from now on but the stores that have been compromised are major companies.

So are these attacks making you wary of using the Internet and make you return to shopping on the high street more often or are you in the thinking that I wont be affected and still use the Internet for the majority of purchases?


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