PSN Welcome Back Programme

As you are all aware and from my previous posts the PlayStation Network is slowly coming back online with Sony looking to have everything back up and running by the 31st May.

As a welcome back and a bit of recompense Sony are offering PlayStation Network Members who had an account before the ‘hack’ the following.

For PS3 Users :

A choice of two games from the following list

  • Little Big Planet
  • Infamous
  • Wipeout HD/Fury
  • Ratchet and Clank : Quest for Booty
  • Dead Nation

For PSP account holders a choice of two of the following.

  • Little Big Planet PSP
  • Modnation PSP
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation.

Non PSN plus subscribers will get 30days free of PlayStation plus membership (any game that is downloaded can be played in this time but after the 30 days will be unusable unless reactivating PSN Plus)

For existing PSN Plus users you will be given 60 days free subscription and for Music Unlimited subscribers there is also 30 days free.

There are also various region options which can be found in full detail here.

In my opinion apart from the PSN plus options I feel that Sony don’t have to offer users any thing but its a good will gesture as I still feel they where right to take the network down to try to fix the obvious holes in their system.

Please also remember when you first log in to PSN from the PS3 menus you will be asked to change your login password.

So should Sony compensate users or is it just something to try to win users back? Let me know what you think.

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