Weird Game title releases

In a previous post I noted that I thought that game developers where struggling for new ideas and content. Well over the last few days I have been looking at what games have been released and whilst there have been some great titles over the last few months including Shogun Total War 2, Call of Duty Black Ops,  Starcraft 2, and many more some of the titles seem a little bizarre.

Take for instance in the simulator category, there are great releases like IL2 – White Cliffs of Dover, DCS A10 which looks excellent but the one that made me laugh that they even introduced was “Surgery Simulator”

Surgery Simulator apparently lets you let you undertake operations on fractures, tonsils, gall bladders etc, but the question is why?

Apart from the game selling to the obvious gameplayer can the developer actually see this game being a major sale.

Would you play a game like this, I know I wouldnt even if they offered it as a free release.

Another release when I saw it that made we giggle was Pro Cycling Manager, giving you the ability to manage a cycling team in career mode. Now ther emust be a market for these type of games otherwise they would not keep releasing them but it would be interesting to see the volume sold against cost to make.

Whilst there are other games that people would laugh at like Farming Simulator 2011, Ship Simulator but if you look at the internet there are fan bases for these with a large modding community making new designs and maps for these especially Farming Sim 2011 (and yes i was suprised).

There are plenty of other games that fall into the weird game releases so if you know any let me know and will add them to this post.



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