Playstation Network back Online (soon)

After a number of days since the Playstation Network hack Sony have now started the slow process of enabling access across the globe again. Once you try and sign in you will notice there is an update to the firmware to do taking it from version 3.60 to 3.61 which Sony say is mandatory.

In short the firmware update once installed asks you to change your login password and can only be changed on your own PS3 as an added security layer, although at the present time neither of my 2 PS3’s have allowed me to change the password. Sony aims to re-activate various aspects of PSN over the next few weeks with the entire network being available by the end of May.

The security breach that occured on April the 20th has affected more than 70million PSN users across the world and has possibly allowed their personal details to be compromised. Although Sony say they have yet to hear of any misuse of these details I am sure there are many people who are apprehensive about using PSN again and this could hit Sony hard.

So have Sony done the right thing in taking the PSN offline – in my opinion yes, as a company they are responsible for the security of the data they keep and whilst they where breached took what they felt was the necessary steps to stop any future attacks happening. Although I am positive whoever ‘hacked’ Sony will try again just to prove it hasnt been fixed 100%.

What are your thoughts on the PSN downtime, where Sony right to remove all services, and how are they liable? Your wiews would be welcome.

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