Installing new Fonts in Windows.

FontsWeb designers , artists and graphic designers like to have new stylish fonts to set their work apart from the norm so I thought I would show you a quick way to install a new font. There are plenty of websites on the Internet offering free downloads for 1000’s of new fonts styles. One such website is So firstly you need to select the font you wish to download, for the purpose of this I am installing one called “Birth of a Hero”.

Once you have downloaded the font which are normally only a couple of hundred kilobytes I would always recommend doing a virus scan on the download before installing Рjust for safety. If the download is in a zip file then you need to extract the files into a new folder by right clicking the file and there will be an option to extract. As I use WINRAR for compression I allow this to move the files from the zip / rar file.

Sometimes in the compressed file is a readme file which contains a note about the usage of the font, we don’t need to copy it but its always worth a quick read of the limitations of use. In the folder will also be the font file you need to select this file and then right click and select ‘CUT’

We now need to locate your font directory,¬† in Windows 7 firstly click start , go to ‘Computer’ and select the drive Windows is installed on (normally drive C:), double click this drive to explore and you should see a number of folders one being ‘Windows’. Open this folder and inside will be the ‘Fonts’ directory, again open this and once the folder is open right click and click paste, this will install the new font into the directory.

This is the quickest way I have found to install new fonts and have never come across a problem doing it in this manner. You can also right click the font and there is an ‘Install’ option in the menu but I prefer the first method personally. My only word of warning is don’t install hundreds and thousands of new fonts as this will drastically slow your machine down as it has to load them on startup and every time a program which uses fonts is needed.


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