Stop Windows rebooting automatically

Have you ever had it where your PC suffers from a crash and you get the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) but when it happens the PC reboots so quickly that you cant read the error code to determine what caused the issue?

There is a simple way to stop Windows from automatically rebooting if this unfortunate occurrence happens.

Although I am doing this guide for Windows 7 the procedure can be done in Windows XP and Vista also. Firstly navigate to your Control Panel and find the System link or alternatively click Start on your desktop and you should see either Computer or My Computer, right click either of these and select properties.

Once in the System Window you will notice it displays information about your PC, on the left hand side is a link to Advanced System Settings (Number 1 in image) which you need to select. A new Window will open and from here you need to select the Advanced Tab (No. 2). In this menu there are 3 areas which include Performance, User Profiles and Start-Up & Recovery. The button we need is Start-up and Recovery (No. 3)

Blue Screen of DeathThere are various options in the Start Up and Recovery Window that appear that allow you to change the default Windows to boot first, but the option we are looking for is Automatically Restart under the system failure heading. Uncheck the tick box and select OK at the bottom. If you your PC ever suffers from a BSOD it will not halt on the Blue Screen allowing you to note the Stop error code (covered in a future post).

Google the stop code and it may give you an indication of what has caused the problem, in a lot of cases its a driver issue but there many other reasons why a PC can crash.


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