Boot Windows faster

Is your PC slow to start up and load Windows? Does it take an eternity to load all those programs that start up when Windows Loads?

Well here is a quick guide to help speed up your PC a little. Please note in this guide we will be removing programs from the startup so please ensure you know what you are removing – if in doubt search the name in Google to find out it its essential.

Firstly Click your ‘Start’ button and locate the RUN command – using the search option in Windows 7 literally type run and it will appear in the programs list.

Run Command box In the box that appears type msconfig into the box as shown in the image and press enter or select OK. You will then be confronted with another window that contains 5 tabs which will allow you to change different aspects of Windows. My advice is do not adjust any of the settings unless you know what you are doing as it may have some consequences you may not be able to recover from.

msconfigThe tab we are looking to use is STARTUP so left click it and it will open up showing a list of programs and files that startup when you first turn on your PC. Some items are essential like antivirus, mouse or keyboard software and Graphics display items but its a case of searching through the list and double checking with google what they are and if they are extremely necessary on boot up and uncheck any that you feel are not required. My system contains 22 programs and if I wanted to I could trim it down by 8 or nine but its down to preference. If the startup name is blank i would suggest unchecking the box, this wont remove any programs on the PC it will just stop them from starting up on initial boot up.

Once your happy with your selections select APPLY and OK and the utility will ask you to restart – when the system reboots it will display a box telling you that you have altered items in the System Configuration Utility – click the little check box and select OK.

Other things I would suggest is regularly do a disk clean up found in the Accessories / System Tools menu of the Start menu. This will allow you to remove temporary files and free up some disk space. It is also advisable to run a disk defragmenter occasionally as this will also help with speeding things up – sometimes this is best done overnight depending on the amount of files you store on the pc and the size of your hard drive.

If you have any queries on this guide or unsure on if a program can or should be removed get in touch and I will endeavour to help you.

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One Response to “Boot Windows faster”

  1. Nicki Cawood says:

    Brilliant – an idiot proof guide! I'll give this a crack this afternoon as mine is hideously slow to start up.

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