A little known troubleshooter within Windows 7

Windows LogoMany users of the different variations of Windows don’t know all the features that are incorporated into the Operating System, but there are some really useful parts that users should know about. For Instance when you use windows updater you may have an issue when downloading or installing a critical process that may fail or cause a slight issue. Well did you know there was a troubleshooter for Windows Update built in?

To find this program firstly close what you are doing and make sure you save all works in progress, then navigate to your Control Panel. In Control panel you will have the icon and menu for Troubleshooting as shown in the picture (enlarge to view)

Windows 7 Control PanelOnce this has been clicked you will be shown the Troubleshooting menu which gives you various amount of options for different areas of your Operating System. The one you are looking for is located under ‘System and Security’ and is called ‘Fix problems with Windows update’.

Windows Update Trouble ShooterOnce selected you will be shown another Window that describes what the troubleshooter does – it explains that it will help you resolve problems that prevent you from updating Windows.

Click the Next button and Windows will scan any updates / problems that may have been caused and if necessary will re-download an update and allow you to install it. This is an automated process so once its complete it should tell you that it has completed the process and fixed any issues it found.

Its a rather handy utility that I know a few people have found useful over the last few weeks and am sure that many people where unaware of.

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