PSN Network – And the court proceedings begin

Playstation NetworkAS we are all aware Sony’s PlayStation Network was ‘hacked’ into and forced the company to close the online platform down until it was sure that the product was secure. The hack has obviously quite a serious impact on the million of gamers who use the network in the way that their details and possibly credit card details have been stolen. We can all guard against the fraud aspects by either cancelling your card connected to the service or monitor the card and report any suspicious activity immediately.

As with all things nowadays there are certain parts of the worlds culture that deem it necessary to open court proceedings at any given thing and Sony now has to fight one of these cases. According to (full article)  “The lawsuit alleges that Sony “failed to encrypt data and establish adequate firewalls to handle a server intrusion contingency, failed to provide prompt and adequate warnings of security breaches, and unreasonably delayed in bringing the PSN service back on line”. I was waiting to see when this would happen in the current state of compensation claims etc.

While I agree that this is a serious episode and could have further ramifications for all users of the PSN why do they need to pursue it through the courts, its the same as the suit against Apple and the tracking on iPhone. Is it just the way these things are set to go from now on or does something need to be changed because unless your making the claim I am sure that the average man on the street wont benefit but still have issues from the occurrence.

We will have to see where this goes and what Sony will do but all I can say is if you do have credit card / debit cards associated with PSN be extra vigilant over the next few months just to be on the safe side.

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