Internet Explorer 9 Short Cut Keys

Internet Explorer LogoAs we all lead busy lives nowadays there seems to be ways and means of speeding up the way we achieve things. The same goes for using shortcuts in programs some of the obvious ones are CTRL+C for copy and CTRL+V for paste.

Internet Explorer 9 has its own set of useful shortcuts which many people are probably unaware of , so here is a list of some of the major ones. The keys to press are highlighted in BOLD.

  • ALT (Pressing this displays the menu bar which is hidden by default in IE9)
  • ALT + X (Pressing these two together opens the TOOLS menu – also in the top right corner of IE9 shown as the cog style icon)
  • ALT + RIGHT or ALT + LEFT (Pressing either of these combinations will either move forward or back through the current browsing history)
  • ALT + HOME (Opens the default Home page)
  • F5 (Refreshes the current page and loads all the components installed into the page)
  • CTRL + F5 (Refreshes the current page and loads all the components installed into the page)
  • CTRL + J (Opens the Download Manager which is a new feature built into IE9)
  • CTRL + L (Highlights the the current URL in the address bar for ease of entering, pasting or copying an URL)
  • CTRL + S (Saves the current page to be able to view in offline mode)
  • CTRL + D (Opens the Add to favourites box for saving URLs for future use)
  • CTRL + T (Opens a new TAB)
  • CTRL + W (Closes the current TAB)
  • CTRL + N (Opens a new IE Window)
  • CTRL + + or CTRL + (Zooms in or out respectively)
  • CTRL + TAB (Moves through the currently opened browser TABS left to right – holding down the SHIFT key as well will move them right to left)
  • F11 (Switches between Full screen mode turning it on or off)
  • F12 (Opens the Developer Tools i.e viewing the source code of a website)

There are other Shortcut keys for IE9 but I feel these are the main ones that would be of use to the majority of users.

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