Are game developers stuck for content?

Over the past few years some of the biggest games on the PC Platform have been games where the multiplayer aspect of the game has been more important than the single player. Take the likes of the recent COD series with titles including COD 4 – Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the latest release Call of Duty Black Ops, these games are aimed mainly at the multiplayer gaming sector. Long gone are the days when every game you buy takes you an age to complete in single player like Half Life from Valve.

So is it a case that Developers are using tried and tested releases like Medal of Honour, COD and strategy games like Settlers to make money and not try something new?

This got me browsing round for what developers are creating and the content for the PC games market looks bleak. Whilst there still is a market the plethora of titles that seemed to be released a few years ago seems to have dried up so is it a case that games are harder to create or that consoles are the favoured option for gaming developers.

Obviously there are reasons why consoles are more favourable towards developers and mainly because the PC market suffers from piracy issues, where its not as bad an issue on the likes of the Xbox360 or PS3. However the potential for PC games far out-ways what can be achieved on a console due to upgrading of hardware and according to a report I read a few weeks ago another issue that restricts PC games is Direct X which is a major part of Windows for games play.

So how can the PC market survive? That is a question I cannot answer, but alot of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) are becoming free to play with micro transactions built in. Games such as Lord of the Rings Online and Runes of Magic allow you to play for free but if you want to advance in the game you can purchase items or in Lord of the Rings case you can still subscribe. Whilst this is possible for games in this genre games in the First Person Shooter (FPS) category cant adopt this method. With consumers now being a bit more frugal with their money I understand why developers stick to trusted revenue streams but it does get tedious playing the same kind of titles over and over again, Gamers want something new and innovative so lets see what the future holds.


What are your views about gaming titles releases of late – it would be an interesting discussion so leave your comments about it.


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