Microsoft XP – EOS Date

Windows XP logoMicrosoft has released a handy gadget allowing users to countdown the date that it officially stops supporting Windows XP. Available for Windows 7 and Vista the gadget will countdown the days until its EOS (End of Support) date in 2014. What surprises me is that they are releasing an XP product expiry program but you can only use it on Windows 7 or Vista. Whilst the program has its uses its rather a strange one to me and only makes sense if you dual boot Windows 7 with XP.

The download link is located here.

To install download the gadget from the page, double click on the file and the gadget will be installed onto your desktop (there may be security warnings asking you to confirm etc.)

To uninstall , right click the gadget and click uninstall.

Microsoft had previously noted that support for Windows XP would cease in July 2010 but due to the vast amounts of people staing away from windows Vista or returning to XP from it they had a rethink and extended the date.

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