Should ISPs adjust their usage policies?

I recently bought a couple of download games over Steam and it made me think about ISP download limits. With many things now becoming available on the Internet like TV repeats / catch-ups and game download services like Steam isn’t it about time that major ISPs changed their policies on the allowances given?

We all know that the majority of unlimited packages are not really unlimited due to ‘fair usage policies’ with clauses like after you have downloaded 40gb per month we will restrict your downloads at peak times etc.

But in today’s world I believe these things need to change and here’s my reasoning.

Alot of people buy media including games , movies and music over the Internet and if for instance there were two games released at the same point you you be having to download in the region of 8 to 12 GB for each game in today’s climate. So just installing these two you have used half your “allowance” before you even start on software updates, music , YouTube streaming etc etc.

The other issue is that the average consumer / user doesn’t monitor what bandwidth they have used and will get to the point where the downloads are slow and complain not realising that really there isn’t a fault its just they have been capped. Maybe ISPs should send you a mail to let you know you are capped as well for the remainder of the month but that’s a different area really.

What are your views? Should ISPs make changes or are you happy how they are? Should unlimited be unlimited ? Or should we be more careful with what we use?


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