SFC /Scannow command guide

Windows Logo Windows has some useful features very few users are aware of. One of them is the SFC /Scannow function.

What does it do?

The SFC (System File Checker) function allows users to possibly repair protected Windows files that may have been damaged or infected. The program scans the these files including DLL’s and may replace it.

How to use SFC.

For Windows 7 and Vista users please be aware you need to logged in as a user with administrator privileges to be able to undertake using this program.

Step 1.

Depending of the version of Windows you are running will determine where you find the option for running the command prompt, in Windows Vista and 7 you can use the “Search Programs and Files” option in the start button to locate it by searching for CMD.

Once the command prompt is open you will see a black box like below. (Click the images to enlarge)

Command PromptOnce this is open type sfc /scannow as shown in the next diagram and press “ENTER”.





Command Prompt with SFC commandSFC will now check the integrity of the operating system files, in early releases of Windows i.e. Win 2000 and Win XP you may be required to insert the install CD/DVD.

Once the scan is complete SFC may have replaced any damaged files and may ask for you to reboot the PC, this may have fixed the issues you where having with Windows operating faults and may save you from having to to the dreaded format and reinstall.

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