Retro Games – 5 of my favourites.

I have been ‘gaming’ for a considerable amount of years starting of with the Commodore 64, and currently with PC gaming and the PS3. After having a conversation with someone on Twitter it made me think about games I enjoyed in the past that kept you hooked until you finished them. Some retro games lasted for an eternity unlike modern games which seem to be able to be completed in a few hours. Take Mafia 2 for instance, having played the original I set about playing number 2 and promptly completed it in  a total gameplay of about 6 six hours.

So here are five of my favourite games from the past – do you agree or what are your choices?
Sensible World of SoccerSensible World of Soccer – Format AMIGA 500

Sensible World of Soccer was such a simple football game to play compared to modern alternatives. The ease of controls made it one of the most enjoyable games of its era and still loved by many today. Its simple control method, playability and endless hours of fun made this an absolute classic in my opinion. Codemasters did try to make an updated version a few years ago for the PC Gaming and console market but it didnt get anywhere near the original.

EliteElite – Format C64

Elite was the ultimate in space combat, trading game which I spent endless amount of hours playing as did my parents, with not one of us ever reaching the Elite status. Originally released on the BBC platform the aim of the game was to trade your way upgrade your ship and become “Elite”. This game set the platform for space sims and the only new release that comes close to it is Eve Online. Frontier Elite on the Amiga did make graphical improvements to the game but the original in my opinion was still better. Can you remember the docking computer music ( The Blue Danube Waltz) ?

Geoff Crammond's Grand PrixGeoff Crammonds Grand Prix – Format Amiga 500

Yet another game that consumed hours of my youth, this game was the best simlution of its era and is still thought of as one of the best games in its genre from people I talk to. The thrill of doing the clean overtake to winning the race and championship kept enthusiasts hooked for hours. For simulations now you have rFactor or the slightly more arcade type feel of F1 2010.


Chuckie EggChuckie Egg – Various Formats

For a simple platform game this game kept you entertained. Collect the eggs and avoid the hens, such a simple concept but a rather amusing game that apparently never ends. Theres not alot to say about the game as the image really shows it all but its one you kept playing – sadly this quality is missing in lots of games lately.


SettlersSettlers – Format AMIGA 500

This strategy game from Bluebyte was one of the most enjoyable games of its time and the series is still going strong with the last release Settlers 7 (Paths to a Kingdom). The original was a game that many people I know who enjoy strategy games all remember fondly. Build houses , buildings , expand your lands and attack your enemies. Some games could last for hours and once you won (or lost) you would start again.


These are just a few games that I have enjoyed over the years, others include Cannon Fodder, Syndicate, Gunship, Desert Strike and Project Stealth Fighter to name a few, all great games with longevity. This is what alot of games in my opinion miss today, keeping the player embroiled as its all about getting the addon pack to make more money. Whilst there are alot of good modern games the above titles still stand out for me and many others.

So what games did you enjoy for years gone by?

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3 Responses to “Retro Games – 5 of my favourites.”

  1. Nicki Cawood says:

    I am a complete retro games junkie so love these, although that bloody chicken from Chuckie Egg still gives me nightmares!

  2. BBandB says:

    Chuckie Egg 2 just wasnt the same tho – not as addictive

  3. James says:

    Elite was just amazing on the C64. Press play, go and make a brew, then enjoy hours of play.

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