Most useful ‘Free’ software

Whilst there are times I have to purchase programs to do various tasks I try to use open source products as much as possible and support the developers if I think they are worthwhile.

So this post is about 3 programs I couldn’t do without but are free. There are probably better alternatives out there to all free programmes but the products below meet my needs.

Filezilla FTPProduct 1 :

Filezilla FTP. I have used commercial software like CUTEFTP before and always have come back to using Filezilla. Its free , easy to use and full of features that are required for transferring files to web space. The site manager works well and the program is regularly updated to add new features or fix bugs?

Website :


TweetdeckProduct 2 :

Tweetdeck. Having only been introduced to twitter in the last 6 months or so using Tweetdeck is invaluable to reading and entering tweets. Makes using twitter a hole lot easier and I don’t think without it I would still be using twitter now if I hadn’t been informed of the product.

Website :


Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareProduct 3 :

Malwarebytes Anti – Malware : This program is updated virtually every day and has detected on various friends PCs items from tracer cookies to root-kits and removed them without a problem. The software is easy to install and run and does a great job of removing those nasty programs from your hard-drive.

Website :

These three are just a few of the free programs I have used over the years  – so what free programs do you find most useful and couldnt do without?


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One Response to “Most useful ‘Free’ software”

  1. James says:

    1: Handbrake for backing up DVDs

    2: Dropbox for synching files between computers (I know this is more of a web app thing, but it only really comes into its own when you instal the program on your machine).

    3: And Evernote, another app that uses cloud storage. This lets you store and search snippets of everything.

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