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I have been using for the past number of years a Logitech Revision 1 G15 keyboard and found it to be a great buy at the time but sadly due to its constant use its be condemned to the Keyboard grave yard.

I have been searching for an alternative for a few weeks and finally ordered and received the Logitech G510, I also got a good deal on it so made it an even better purchase.

As the image shows in looks its very similar to the G15 in regards to layout and design but the keyboard itself is slightly smaller in size.

The keyboard is aimed at the upper end of the market with Logitech retailing it at around £100 (Store page here).


The contents of the box comprises of the keyboard, an optional wrist support, CD and Manuals. On the CD is the software for the ability to change the LCD screen and key colours to virtually any colour of choice, and the G-Profiler software for assigning macros to the G-Function keys.

The design is well thought out with the keys being well spaced out and everything required easily accessible. The keys have a cushioned feel to them and are set out in a standard keyboard layout. My only minor issue with the key layout is the ESC key is a touch close to the G-Keys and have caught them on one/two occasions. The LCD screen is clear and the ability to change the colours on this is a novel feature, my preference is a bright blue option so making the text stand out. On the top edge of the keyboard is a headphone and microphone 3.5mm jack to enable voice & sound connection.

On the top right of the keyboard above the area where most keyboards numpad functions are there are multimedia functions for volume control (in a mouse wheel type of design), stop, pause, sound mute etc.

In my opinion there are only minor issues with the overall design and construction of the keyboard, firstly if you have the keyboard raised on the supports to raise the angle of the top of the keyboard there is a little flex in the middle of the board, whilst you wouldn’t be pressing the top area excessively only for the LCD functions or F keys there maybe could have been another support that could have been installed to eradicate this. The other issue I have is more down to personal preference  – the angle of the wrist rest edge could have been sloped a little more to have a comfier feel to it, this is probably more down to me being used to the G15’s support though.


Installing the board was very simple with a number of built in functions you can turn on / off for the LCD screen. The software is straight forward and very easy to use, this is a major plus for me as some programs are over complicated.

Screenshots of LCD Manager and G-Profiler

LCD Manager and G-Profiler Software from Logitech

SPECIFICATION / FEATURES (from Logitech Website):
GamePanel™ LCD
Stay on point by keeping informed—both in and out of game—with real-time game stats, system information, VoIP communication data, and more.

Integrated USB audio
Separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons mean you can use any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs as a USB audio device for clear digital communication.

Full-speed USB
A 500 Hz (two millisecond) report rate—four times faster than other gaming keyboards—delivers the performance you need when every millisecond counts.

Game/desktop mode
Don’t let accidents interrupt your gameplay—easily disable the Windows/Context Menu keys.

18 programmable G-keys
With three macros per key, you can configure up to 54 individual functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts. You can also create macros on the fly.

Multi-key input
Press any five keys at the same time and they will all be recognized, so you can do more things at once.

Instant media access
Convenient one-touch controls give you instant access to volume control and media playback.

Custom-color backlighting
Personalize the character backlighting to better fit with the rest of your computer and gaming equipment, and easily locate keys—even in the dark.

Overall I am impressed with the keyboard for functionality and design, its layout appealed as it was similar to the G15 which I was used to. The minor problems I have mentioned are only minor and like stated probably down to user preference. Would this keyboard appeal to the masses, that I am unsure of though. The price may put a few people off in my opinion as in today’s financial climate spending £100 on a keyboard is a little extreme. The quality of the product is very good and feature wise second to none. Would I recommend it ? Yes, its a solid replacement and happy with the purchase, lets hope it lasts as long as the G15.

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