How to get paid for work you’ve done?

I recently created a very simple website for a client (friend of a friend)  and as of which didnt charge them much for the service (less than £75). The page was more of a holding page for a future venture they are looking to undertake, and they were to host the page themselves as this was already in place. Great I thought,  it was a quick job for a small turnaround and as we know in today’s climate every little bit helps.

It was 2 months from creating the page that I got paid for the work even though we agreed that payment would be made on completion. As everyone would do I sent emails , phone calls and nothing happened for 2 months and it started to annoy me as I hate asking people to work for me and not paying their bill.

It got me thinking what is the best way to recoup monies owed for undertaken work and how long do you wait?. We all know the small claims court method but that can be costly and time consuming, or do you just instigate you would proceed down this way and hope they will settle?

If a client is honest and says they cant afford to pay for 2-3 weeks to me that is ok – its just the ones that string you along with excuse after excuse.

So what methods do you take?

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