Customer Service – The Good and the bad.

In todays climate keeping customers is paramount to keeping businesses going. Over the last few weeks I have dealt with both extremes of customer services from the absolutely shocking to ones I cant recommend highly enough.

For instance, I have had problems with a certain ISP and to date I’m still having issues but the company in question are just trying to fob me off with excuses. To me you want to go out of your way to make sure that customers are satisfied so they recommend you as this to me is the best form of advertising. I wont name the company in this post but the company dont seem to know what one area does compared to the next, billing dont seem to liase with customer services / sales or vice versa. If I was to run my business in this way I would be left with no clients and this to me needs to be addresses in larger companies.

On the plus side I have dealt with two companies in the last week that the customer services can’t be praised highly enough. I bought a new Power Supply for my sons computer and it was faulty, I contacted the company and within 3 days the faulty one had been tested, confirmed as faulty, replaced and delivered by courier and they even paid the postage of sending the old one back immediately too. The second company I ordered from was more of a well run order taking setup, I ordered some stationary late one afternoon around 4pm and the next day it arrived without having to pay extra for the privelidge.

These may seem simple things but keeping a customer happy goes a long way, customers like to know that their business is appreciated and not just a statistic which I feel is what happens with large national companies whatever sector they are in and hence why I prefer now to use smaller companies when buying items on internet. Yes you may pay a little more at times but sometimes the service more than makes up for it.


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