Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9Having used IE series of browsers for the majority of my internet life I was rather scepticle about the claims that IE9 was a vast improvement. Having used early versions of IE in windows 95 upto version 8 in Windows 7  the progression has been immense and I wasn’t looking for a huge performance boost with the latest release.

The first thing you will notice when installing IE9 is that the browser is a lot cleaner and streamlined and as there seems to be more space due to less clutter, allowing you to  view more of the website you are browsing without having to scroll around as much. IE9 has a more up to date feel to it but like anything new will take a little while to get used to.

An advance on the previous version is the “new tabs” part where it shows in icon format your popular websites. Although this was achieved in IE8 with the list in the address bar this new function is alot easier to use and navigate through. (See image below)

Popular Tabs image for IE9

New function when opening new TAB in IE

Another new addition is the download manager (Viewed by pressing CTRL and J) which allows you to control your downloads by virus scanning, pausing and resuming when needed. This has been a function in Firefox and is a welcome addition in my view to the IE browser.

There are a number of new features in IE9 but the biggest thing I have noticed is the speed. IE loads quicker, loads pages quicker and works really well with Windows 7. I havent tried it on a earlier OS like Vista or Windows XP but im sure it will be just as an improvement on speed there to.

Overall I have to say this is one release which is a vast improvement for Microsoft – no doubt as with most releases of OS and browsers that there are security holes which will be needed to be addressed but IE9 is a step in the right direction.

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